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There is no shortage of alarming stories and terms regarding cyber security – malware, ransomware, phishing, mandatory breach reporting, or confusing buzzwords like ‘threat landscape’, ‘security posture’, ‘cyber attack surface’ ….. but where do you start? How can you get a handle on your current situation with regards cyber security?

Dabble have tailored made a Cyber Security Health Check service to address the specific needs of Australian business. The Dabble Cyber Security Health Check Service is designed to provide a comprehensive snapshot of you current cyber security preparedness. The service includes:

      • Assessment of security weaknesses in your Internet facing servers
      • Full network scan to identify current and potential security vulnerabilities on your servers, desktops and notebooks
      • Asset discovery and inventory listing
      • Phishing simulation to assess organisational resilience to the most common methods that real hackers use
      • Information security maturity assessment
      • Recommendations for improving the cyber security of your organisation

Information is collected and presented in an easy to understand security dashboard specific to your company requirements.

Small Company

Less than 50 employees
Cyber Security Health Check


Medium Company

Less than 250 employees
Cyber Security Health Check


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Less than 500 Employees
Cyber Security Health Check


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Cyber Security Health Check


Benefits of a Cyber Security Health Check ….

It is easy to throw around alarming statistics about the number of companies experiencing cyber security incidents in Australia, or cite examples of significant loss from data breaches. The reality is that most organisations in Australia have almost no visibility as to their current exposure with regards cyber security.

The Dabble Cyber Security Health Check is the first step in regaining control of your information systems. The service is designed to provide visibility of four key areas of cyber security; a comprehensive list of information technology assets currently operating within the network, an analysis of the vulnerabilities across the identified assets, a detailed report on the software patching required to bring the assets to the latest secure version, and finally, an analysis of the level of security awareness amongst employees and users which may be exposing your organisation to threats.

The Dabble Cyber Security Health Check provides the foundation for your ongoing cyber security risk mitigation strategy.

Patching of security vulnerabilities is the single most important activity any organisation can undertake to secure their information systems.

James Kavanagh

National Security Officer, Microsoft Australia

Asset Identification

Identifying exactly what is running in your environment is a critical element in securing your information systems. The Cyber Security Health Check undertakes a scan across internal and external networks to provide a comprehensive snapshot of the types of hosts and devices as well as the underlying operating systems. Asset identification is an oft overlooked component in a cyber security strategy.

Patch Management

Having fully up-to-date and fully patched software software is essential to providing a foundation on which other security controls can be overlaid. Patching of operating systems and applications is one of the most important mitigations against cyber intrusion. The patch management process provides a comprehensive list of vendor patches required to bring your systems up to the latest secure versions.

User Awareness

User security awareness is arguably the most important aspect of cyber security. According to a recent study by UK based NTT Security, phishing attacks were responsible for up to 73% of malware delivery. Assessing the level of susceptibility of users to click on phishing emails is crucial to securing the network and a precursor to implementing effective awareness campaign across the organisation.


Vulnerability Assessment

Attacks resulting in data loss are usually performed by exploiting well known security vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications and network devices. Vulnerability Assessment identifies shortfalls or vulnerabilities in systems across the organisation and provide a prioritised report of weaknesses such that the most important may be addressed first.

The Dabble Dashboard ….

Cyber security is a complex area, often with a wealth of highly technical data pertaining to devices, vulnerabilities and patch levels. Making sense of security data and cutting through the mire of technical jargon can be a challenge in itself. Dabble understand this challenge and have developed an intuitive dashboard allowing information to be presented from a high level in an easy to understand format, whilst retaining the ability to ‘drill down’ to specific information with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Dabble Dashboard is a secure cloud based service providing instant and up to date information of the Cyber Security health of your organisation.

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