Zero Day Threats

A zero-day threat is a vulnerability that becomes known to the vendor on the same day it becomes known to the public, meaning IT assets targeted by a zero-day threat won’t have a patch available when it’s needed. However, zero-day attacks operate in a realm of the probable – they work only because there are exploitable vulnerabilities within IT systems. Many of these can, and should be prevented.

Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence Service

The Counterhack Managed Vulnerability Service couples traditional vulnerability management with threat intelligence to ensure you are protected against existing and emerging threats. The Managed Vulnerability service has been designed to deliver large corporate style security to small and medium sized business’ starting from as little at $500 per month.

As part of the service, your IT infrastructure is regularly scanned to identify vulnerabilities, prioritising them based on business impact and technical risk, as well providing remediation guidance.  The Counterhack team provides targeted threat intelligence information specific to your environment to alert you on particular threats that may impact your business.

The Counterhack Vulnerability Management Service comprises the following core components:

  • Initial implementation including asset inventory and enrolment in the scanning service
  • Monthly vulnerability scans and reporting
  • Continuous threat intelligence feeds and alerts
  • Counterhack cloud based Security Portal
  • Additional scans on demand to address exceptional security events
  • Access to Counterhack security team for ad-hoc assistance
How does the service work?

Counterhack uses an industry-leading vulnerability scanning platform to ensure that vulnerability management scans are comprehensive and that the vulnerability database is up-to-date with the latest zero-day threats. As part of the service, Counterhack will install and manage the vulnerability management technology to cover the entire asset base.

Vulnerability management scans are undertaken on a monthly basis, forming an integral part of continuing patch management compliance. As part of the service, one additional scan per month can be undertaken to address exceptional security events as they occur.

In addition to regular email reports, ad hoc information is available from the  Counterhack cloud based security portal providing access to detailed drill down information of vulnerability status and current threats. The Counterhack security portal enables vulnerability management best practice by providing:

  • Up to date database of vendor patches
  • Analysis of missing patches including the severity level
  • Identification of missing patches at the OS and application level
  • Detailed drill-down access to vulnerability information
  • Automated reporting for security and compliance

In addition, we will provide access to Counterhack’s security team for assistance in vulnerability identification and patch management.