Penetration Testing

Find out where the cyber security gaps are in your IT infrastructure.

Cyber-Savvy Employee Program

Test user awareness to modern phishing attacks and provide ongoing education to maintain a secure IT environment.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management coupled with threat intelligence to ensure systems are secure against existing and emerging cyber attacks.

Cyber Security Consulting Services

Comprehensive range of cyber services including security architecture, strategy and policy development

Counterhack Complete Cyber Security

There is a lot you need to consider to be cyber secure. Counterhack understands what works and what doesn’t, we understand what needs to be done. By it’s very nature, cyber security is technically complex, Counterhack cuts through the jargon to present security information in a simple, easy to understand format. Counterhack can assess your current cyber security situation, as well as provide a range of managed services for ongoing risk mitigation. Whatever your size, Counterhack can establish a baseline of security controls that suit your business.

Vulnerability Management

Identify, understand and prioritise the weak points in your infrastructure that present opportunities for hackers to compromise your network.  


Phishing Benchmark & User Awareness

Assess and improve the level of user security awareness through targeted simulated phishing and education campaign.

Penetration Test

We think like a hacker to ensure comprehensive testing of  the security of your IT infrastructure and web based services.


Security Consulting

Cyber security consulting to address all aspects of security architecture, strategy and policy development.

The Counterhack Service -  A Turnkey Solution for Business

Whether you run your own IT, or use a managed service provider, you need an assurance program to tell you what's fallen between the cracks. The price of security is eternal vigilance, and who's got time for that, right?

A penetration test at least once a year is great. But generally they are not done often enough - and aren't broad enough in scope - to protect you from the constantly evolving threats presented by missing patches and by users who are not cyber-savvy.

For less than the cost of a single penetration test, Counterhack provides a continuous testing service that alerts you in real time when one of your systems has a serious security vulnerability, one of your users is falling for phishing emails, or we detect malicious activity on your network.


When our intelligence sources pick up on a new attack, a critical vulnerability, or other emerging threats, you get alerts telling you which of your assets are affected.

Live Monitoring

Preventing breaches is always the goal, but even the strongest defence sometimes fails. Our monitoring system will detect any malicious activity on your network so that you can take action quickly.

Web Site Security

Weekly scans for web site vulnerabilities, and daily scans for malware on your site provide you with a high level of assurance that your web site is secure.

Cyber Savvy Employees

Your staff are the front line of defence. We educate them so they can react to attempted phishing attacks with knowledge and confidence.

Computer Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in your OS and applications make an easy target for hackers. We arm you with detailed yet simple reports on where they are and how to fix them.

Network Vulnerabilities

Printers, network equipment and appliances are not immune to vulnerabilities either. We actively scan your network to detect these devices and advise you of missing security updates.

We Monitor Your Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

We'll remind you when there are important patches to apply, and when there is malicious activity inside your network.

Plus, we'll test and train your users to be more resilient to online scams.

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