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Most organisations face cyber attacks at some point, so it’s important to conduct regular penetration tests to make sure your defences are adequate. Our team of cyber security specialists will provide you with the technical assurance you need. Counterhack adopts a threat-based approach to deliver a realistic and targeted appraisal of the current state of your security and the risks that attackers pose to your business.


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Counterhack penetration testing, for complete peace of mind.

Penetration testing is the practice of emulating the tactics and techniques of real hackers in trying to gain access to your IT assets. This means reconnaissance of your online presence, discovery of possible entry points that may not be well protected, and exploitation of vulnerabilities in order to obtain a foothold in your network. Once this has been established, the penetration tester will pivot to internal systems that may hold your crown jewels, and attempt to elevate their level of access until they have the data that they are after.

These tests serve various important purposes. For a start, they give a succinct answer to the question “Are we secure?”.

Secondly, they provide you with a prioritised list of remediation activities that allow you to focus your resources on the activities that will result in the biggest improvements to your risk profile.

Penetration tests also allow you to test your in-house or outsourced security incident detection capabilities. If you can’t detect the hacking techniques Counterhack is employing, you probably won’t be able to detect a real hacker either.

If you already have a security program in place, and are looking for assurance that it is effective in protecting your information assets, then a penetration test from Counterhack is the place to start.

Find Out What Hackers Already Know About Your Network...

Counterhack will run a free reconnaissance scan on your network to let you see what hackers already know.
The reconnaissance scan is a free no obligation service designed to provide intelligence of just what areas of
your IT infrastructure are exposed to the outside world.
There is likely more information about you in the public domain than you might expect, let Counterhack show
you the areas of potential vulnerability.

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 How Does It Work?

Counterhack has adopted a proven approach to penetration testing. It is based on industry best practice and project management standards and to ensure a thorough and accurate assessment of your cyber security posture. The penetration test methodology is broken into 4 phases, scoping, reconnaissance, assessment and reporting.



An important step to identify exactly what it is we are looking to test, internal network, external facing apps, cloud infrastructure and or websites.
Scoping sets the parameters for the service.



The reconnaissance phase looks at publically available information about your network or infrastructure. Reconnaissance mimics the techniques  that hackers employ identify potential vulnerable parts of your enviorment which may be exploited.


The assessment phase looks to actually exploit identified vulnerabilities and conduct the actual penetration attempts. As part of this phase, Counterhack’s specialist staff will actively attempt to ‘break into’ your network to thoroughly test your cyber defence.


Counterhack will prepare a detailed report presenting identified and potential risks and vulnerabilities . The report is provided with a high level executive summary supported by the technical detail providing a complete view of cyber security posture.

The Counterhack Advantage

Counterhack is a fully Australian owned and operated company specialising in cyber security services.
We take care of your cyber security so that you can get on with business.
Irrespective of whether you are a small company or a large multi-site organisation, Counterhack has a cyber security solution to suit your needs.
Contact Counterhack today to see how we can improve you cyber security giving you total peace of mind. 

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