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Your business’ digital footprint is probably larger than you think. There is a wealth of information easily accessible in the public domain that malicious actors use to craft attacks on your business.

Counterhack is offering a free network reconnaissance scan to let you find out what hackers already know.

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Just what is Counterhack Reconnaissance Scan?

nJust like an individual, your business also has a digital footprint that hackers can leverage to scope out potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

Information such as IP addresses, domain names, e-mail addresses, usernames, names, subnets and autonomous system numbers exist online and are openly available to allow hackers to build a detailed picture of your infrastructure.

A reconnaissance scan is an ideal first step in determining potential weak pints in you network. Counterhack will scan publicly available information to present a summary of your business digital footprint. 

A Free Reconnaissance Scan ... so what's the catch?

That’s right, Counterhack are offering a reconnaissance scan of your network  … free. You get a detailed picture of your business’ digitial fotprint, a view into how hackers see your business.  In return, all we ask is that you allow us to add you to our email list and send you email from time to time (you can always unsubscribe of course).


The only other thing that we ask is that you consider Counterhack for any future cyber security services that you may need.


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. Reconnaissance Scanning, The First Step in a Full Penetration Test

A reconnaissance scan is typically the first step in a full penetration test. Counterhack are happy to run a free obligation free reconnaissance scan to help you assess your current digital footprint. The reconnaissance scan is a passive technique leveraging open source intelligence sources to help scope out future penetration test phases. Counterhack offer comprehensive penetration testing services to ensure your business is secure.



The reconnaissance phase looks at publicly available information about your network or infrastructure. Reconnaissance mimics the techniques  that hackers employ identify potential vulnerable parts of your environment which may be exploited.


Vulnerability Analysis

The vulnerability analysis actively probes the IT infrastructure to identify existing and potential vulnerabilities in devices, operating systems and applications. Counterhack utilise industry leading tools to provide a comprehensive picture of network vulnerabilties.


The assessment phase looks to actually exploit identified vulnerabilities and conduct the actual penetration attempts. As part of this phase, Counterhack’s specialist staff will actively attempt to ‘break into’ your network to thoroughly test your cyber defence.


Counterhack will prepare a detailed report presenting identified and potential risks and vulnerabilities . The report is provided with a high level executive summary supported by the technical detail providing a complete view of cyber security posture.

The Counterhack Advantage

Counterhack is a fully Australian owned and operated company specialising in cyber security services.
We take care of your cyber security so that you can get on with business.
Irrespective of whether you are a small company or a large multi-site organisation, Counterhack has a cyber security solution to suit your needs.
Contact Counterhack today to see how we can improve you cyber security giving you total peace of mind. 

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