Industry pundits are astounded with an advertisement placed by a top flight cyber security company that doesn’t feature a hacker in a hoodie in a dark room. Even more surprising is the total break from traditional techniques with no pad locks, no screens of code, no anonymous face masks, not even a space age blue graphic with latticework of connected dots.

Earl Counterthwack, the marketing manager of Sydney based We Be Number One Best Cyber Security Company,  speaking from his Covid safe remote office in a Kuta backstreet said he drew inspiration for the advertisement after downing 17 Bintangs in a particularly florid session last Friday afternoon. The Eureka moment came for Earl after waking up more than a little dusty in a beachside hammock surrounded by empty drinking coconuts, he knew that a change of direction for the cyber security campaign was perfect.

In fact, the advertisement is a compete departure from tradition, it plays on confidence rather than fear. When asked if this approach ran the risk of confusing potential customers by not trying to scare the ‘beejezuz’ out of them with an image that was, well, somewhat comforting. Earl responded by saying that it was either a guy in a hammock or a good looking swimsuit model. The final decision came down to the hammock after Earl’s last run in with HR relating to bikini image downloads which saw his work Internet privileges restricted.

It remains to be seen how effective this new advertisement will be, but the industry is certainly abuzz with chatter about this revolutionary approach. Earl has promised to keep us across developments as the campaign progresses.

On a serious note though, Counterhack  offer a range of comprehensive cyber security services to ensure your business is secure. From penetration testing right through to vulnerability management, security event management and consulting, Counterhack have a range of services to meet your business requirements irrespective of size.

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